It's been I while since I did the political compass thing, but it confirmed I was indeed very far left, though with an entirely different set of questions these things would produce different results. I think ultimately we disagree on the definition of the Left. For a start I dont agree that Leftwing ideas necessarily lead to dictatorships - anarchists are very much on the left. For me, economically it amounts to redistribution of wealth to the less well off, but more widely it's a desire to see increased equality in every area of life. I really think it can be defined that broadly, and if you subscribe to that definition (which I do, and I'm guessing you don't) then all forms of racism are incompatible with Leftism. Of course there is racism, and in particular antisemitism, on the left. But this is very much at odds with their leftwing beliefs and in no way symptomatic of it.
I'll confess I haven't read all of the links you provided (I will), but much of Soviet history involved seizing power and keeping it; racist conspiracy theories and propaganda are for those ends, and in any case could not sensibly been seen as a means to achieve equality.

Suggestions that there is as much hate on the far left as the far right is to ignore the targets of that hatred. The far right hate whole groups of people, broad and in no way homogeneous, therefore mostly innocent poeple and likely full of minorities and the disadvantaged. The left direct their hatred toward the ones attacking those people.
I personally know many people who have suffered massively, and know of several who have died directly as a result of Tory policies. Tory politicians, who have access to all the information and know full-well the human cost of their actions, have earned this ill feeling as far as I'm concerned. And as far as demonising the rich goes, there is absolutely no justifying some of the wealth that exists on this planet - I don't think it's hyperbole to describe the ultra rich as the enemies of mankind.

I didn't say there was no connection between Marxism and Stalinism, only that one does not necessarily lead to the other. To say it does is akin to saying everyone on the right advocates slavery.

But the policies asked about in political compass and discussed by the media don't delve into political theory or history. The most radical debates are on whether the public would support nationalising the railways.

The YouGov poll you provided catagorises based on public opinion, so is of value only in telling us where the Overton window is. I agree that Polly is one of the most leftwing voices in UK media, but I maintain my belief she is barely left of centre (based on the timidity of her policy suggestions and her occasional support for the Libdems - though I’ll concede she doesn’t hold back when criticising the Tories). This again chimes with my belief that UK commentators are overwhelmingly on the right. I’d like to see a political spectrum featuring all the UK’s political commentators based on their honest answers - we can only predict what that would look like, but again we’re unlikely to agree!

I feel confident you will have a retort to my comments, and I’m sure I will then have something more to say, and we seem capable of continuing this dance endlessly without ever threatening to win the other over - I’m not sure how fruitful that would be! But I have to say this is probably the longest civil online discussion I’ve seen for a while between people with such opposing political beliefs - Medium is clearly a better forum for this sort of thing than other social media outlets!

Politically Left, parent, Welsh. Writes about any combination of the three, and occasionally other subjects entirely.

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