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There’s a lot in this world I feel…

And for a time, it didn’t even mean that

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The other day, my children were talking about their favourite numbers. For my son, it’s always his age, so currently it’s four.

His older sister, on the other hand, clearly hadn’t put much thought into it. I’m not sure what it is with children and the need to rank everything…

My recent experiences suggest not very…

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I’ve always taken Medium’s stats page to be accurate — after all, it’s how they pay us. But lately, I’m starting to have some doubts.

I haven’t been very active on Medium lately. As always, when that happens, my stats plummet — I don’t have the followers to keep my…

It’s all part of embracing the platform

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The recent changes to the Partner Program have inspired me to start taking Medium more seriously. There are a number of ways I intend doing this — I need to write more, for starters.

With the requirement for each of us to have at least 100 followers, it’s also clear…

Are ‘mutuals’ a thing, here on Medium?

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I’ve got an issue with how Medium presents our followers to us, but I’m reluctant to write about it.

Too many people on Medium like to complain about the platform. …

Submission guidelines for publishing in Alternative Perspectives

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Welcome to Alternative Perspectives — a brand new Medium publication aiming to be a home for compelling stories with authentic personalities.

What are we about?

Writing for this publication doesn’t require a niche. It’s for those of us who enjoy reading as an end in itself, where each story is a journey to be…

My ancestor, and yours.

The Last, Universal, Common Ancestor. Sort of.

Life is fascinating. This is true of my life, your life, all our individual trails and tribulations — of course it is. But right now I’m thinking about the concept of life itself.

The way that atoms, the building blocks of the universe, can arrange themselves into complex formations like…

But do we share the same definition of improvement?

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I don’t like change. Change frustrates me. When I get used to things being a certain way, I like the familiarity. Change worries me.

I hate change.

But that’s a lie. Change is natural. Change is progress. Change is necessary — given the state of the planet we live on…

Attempting to do more than just tread water

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If you’re reading this, I’m sure you already know: Medium have changed their requirements for writers to earn money.

It used to be as simple as joining the Partner Program, and it was this simplicity that attracted me to the platform. I can publish anything I want, and if people…

What it could mean if Cymru were to compete independently

Jade Jones collecting her Rio gold, with a slight tweak. Image by Tasnim News Agency

Imagine this: Geraint Thomas and Jade Jones, waving the Welsh flag as they lead their nation’s procession at the opening ceremony. An all-Welsh team of athletes and competitors trail behind, struggling to contain their excitement as they smile for the cameras.

Throughout the coming weeks, our medal-winning heroes stand tall…

Y. Chwyldro

Politically Left, parent, Welsh. Writes about any combination of the three, and occasionally other subjects entirely.

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