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There’s a lot in this world I feel strongly about, and it often boils down to politics.

Wales: hoping to help shape the future of the country that shaped me.

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What it could mean if Cymru were to compete independently

Jade Jones collecting her Rio gold, with a slight tweak. Image by Tasnim News Agency

Imagine this: Geraint Thomas and Jade Jones, waving the Welsh flag as they lead their nation’s procession at the opening ceremony. An all-Welsh team of athletes and competitors trail behind, struggling to contain their excitement as they smile for the cameras.

Throughout the coming weeks, our medal-winning heroes stand tall upon their podiums, Y Ddraig Goch flying high as we proudly bellow along to “Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau” (those of us who may baulk at the opening notes of “God Save the Queen” are also spared the red, white and blue insult of Empire).

It’s a lovely thought. But…

Observations from Europe

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I’m not American. I’ve never been to America. But for many people around the world, especially within English-speaking nations, America is ubiquitous.

It’s on my bookshelf, on my TV, on my clothing. It dominates the internet. How you live matters to me.

So I feel compelled to comment on one of the most baffling aspects of life in the world’s richest country: your health care system.

I’m not writing as an expert on health care, or an expert on getting “value for money”. I’m writing as a citizen of a country that benefits from universal health care.

I don’t understand…

Where confusion opens the door to manipulation

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The concept of “white privilege” stubbornly remains a contentious issue in some quarters, and periodically it rears its head in the political sphere. There are too many politicians, understanding its potential as a means of distraction, willing to deliberately stoke division. Recently in the UK there has been the suggestion that, particularly in terms of education, being white is in fact a disadvantage in working-class communities.

There are many reasons why people in these communities are disadvantaged, their whiteness is not one of them.

I’m white and working-class. I grew up on a small council estate in a Welsh village…

It isn’t as straightforward as I’d thought.

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We live in a patriarchy. Misogyny and victim blaming are rife. When a woman is assaulted it has become normalised to ask what she may have done to cause or exacerbate the situation.

What was she wearing? She should have known better than to walk there at night, alone. She does have a flirty personality though, doesn’t she?

Physical violence is the most obvious example but everything from the pay-gap to the fitting of seatbelts in cars can demonstrate the disadvantages women face in our culture. Simultaneously, men are assured their comfort and convenience are natural priorities.

There is no…

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Insights into my experiences as the father of…

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The stories that have made the biggest impact…

There’s a lot in this world I feel strongly about, and it often boils down to politics.

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

A selection of my articles with a political theme:

Y. Chwyldro

Politically Left, parent, Welsh. Writes about any combination of the three, and occasionally other subjects entirely.

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